About us

Founded in 2008 in Podgorica with the goal to provide service in all domains of classical and modern geodesy to the Montenegrin market, with its professionalism, experience and knowledge, GEOENGINEERING has enabled itself to stay a strong and reliable company at the very top of the Montenegrin market.

During our development we put in effort to cover all the areas in which geodesy is the main phase or one of the main phases, as well as practically demonstrating the significance of our work in other areas and to provide help in the easier realization of various projects.

Constant following of the world’s trends and the exchange of experience with our colleagues from the region, as well as professional accomplishments through the most diverse work in engineering geodesy and the land register (Cadastre) have provided for the development and growth of our team.

3D laser scanning using our Leica ScanStation C10 and the high precision air recording with the WingtraOneVTOL drone are only a part of the support we provide in the area of gathering and processing of geospatial data (survey, GIS, agriculture, environmental protection).

Today there is almost no home based or international company, which does business in Montenegro that has not used our services. Promptness, precision and professionalism are our main recommendations.

Selecting our company as geodetic support is the logical choice!


boris stojkovic izvrsni direktor

Boris Stojković

Geodetic Engineer and Executive Director
RADUSINOVIC JOVAN diplomirani inzenjer geodezije

Jovan Radusinović

Bachelor with honors in Geodesy
SINISA BEGOVIC diplomirani inzenjer geodezije

Siniša Begović

Bachelor with honors in Geodesy
DZENAN FETAHOVIC diplomirani inzenjer geodezije

Dženan Fetahović

Bachelor with honors in Geodesy
Miljan Vesovic dipl ing geodezije

Miljan Vešović

LAZAR MINIC geometar

Lazar Minić


Radoš Boričić


Miloš Janković

DRAGANA RADUSINOVIC poslovni asistent

Dragana Radusinović

Business assistant
Nemanja Begovic Poslovni asistent

Nemanja Begović

Business assistant