Covid 19

The work of our agency in the conditions of the epidemic of the infectious disease Covid 19

GEOENGINEERING fully supports all the measures of the government of Montenegro as well as of other countries for the decrease of the virus spreading on the territories and in communities in which it realizes its projects.

Health and security comes first.

GEOENGINEERING stands by all the decisions, recommendations and measures of the public health institutions and the state organs in Montenegro. The health and security of the people we influence is in the centre of attention during decision making and recommendations in this challenging period.We have additionally implemented a string of our own measures and recommendations for the preventive behavior and dealing for our company, in order to decrease the negative consequences on the health of the employees and in order to limit the spread of the Covid 19 virus, and have informed all our employees and other interested parties of it.

Work in the conditions of fighting the spread of the corona virus

Based on continuous tracking of the situation in the country and in the world, the management of GEOENGINEERING has made a decision to continue with business activities in a way that provides a safe and secure work environment for the employees, partners, associates, and to provide for the realization of the necessary business processes.

Employees that have the possibility to manage and do their activities from their homes, have the right and obligation to do so. We support the use of available information-communicational technologies and tools for providing communication between employees, with clients, partners and other interested parties.

The determined fight

We appreciate the efforts of our employees in these exceptional moments. We are grateful to everyone for the responsibility in the realization of their work duties. We are grateful to the colleagues who are working from their homes, especially to all those who are still at the front lines, at the office and on the field. We are sure that together we will get through this great challenge, just as we did with many other challenges in the past, by acting together.